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4541623526_392x2624541622813_392x241Fearless Vampire Killers is an interesting name. What’s the story behind it?

Laurence: When I was a kid my dad showed me this film called The Fearless Vampire Killers by Roman Polanski. As long as I can remember I was obsessed with the idea of vampires and so naturally the film grabbed me, terrified me, and enthralled me. I watched it all the time as a kid. When we came to naming the band not only did the name fit with our image but it also matched what we wanted to do, we wanted to go out and actually achieve something – essentially the destruction of the metaphorical vampires that plague us and thousands of other people.

 How did Fearless Vampire Killers begin?

Laurence: We’d been playing together in various bands since we were about fifteen back in the Waveney Valley where we come from. When it got to the time where everyone was deciding what their paths in life would be, we all knew we didn’t want to have to work a regular job for the rest of our lives, and we knew for sure that we wanted to affect people somehow. So we moved to London with no money, and barely any knowledge of what it was we’d be faced with. After a year we were super disillusioned with the London music scene and realised we needed to something different, we pulled together as a band and changed our name to something that would inspire certain feelings in a person. We wanted to be a band that people hated, because we knew they’re the bands that people love.

 How long have you been together?

Laurence: As FVK we’ve been doing it full on about two and a half years.

 Do you get a lot of female attention?

Drew: That would have to be a yes, we get a fair amount of female attention nowadays which is still REALLY bizarre. I mean, we don’t have groupies or anything like that, we’re not that sort of band, but recently girls have taken a shine to us let’s say. I particularly have no idea how to deal with it because in school I sucked when it came to getting girls and spent most of my time avoiding awkward social moments. I think my smoothest moment has to be one time when a girl came up to me after a gig , she told me she fancied me and all I could muster was “Thank you” before stumbling to meet the guys downstairs.

Anything you want to mention to the people who may not have heard of you?

Laurence: Leave your prejudices at the door, come along to a show and make up your mind that way, we promise we’ll give everything we have, and we’ll definitely fight for more.

Do you want to change the world?

Laurence: I guess everyone changes the world in some way. Whether you’re a teacher or a mugger. We want to do something good, and yeah definitely make a difference, I think the main thing we want to do is create something magical and vicious, and do our best to inspire people.

 If you could only get one song heard by the whole world, what would it be?

Laurence: It would be a new song no one’s heard yet; “Fetish for the Finite” It’s a song that really showcases what we’re all about. It’s raw, epic, and has a very sincere chorus. I think it’s a song a lot of people can relate to.

 What other bands are you influenced by?

Drew: We all listen to lots of different types of music from Metal to Classical music and every band member has different tastes which help bring something different to every song. Like Laurence is really into hardcore punk at the moment (and is currently obsessed with Comeback Kid), Shane listens to a lot of jazz, metal and off the wall things like Mr Bungle and Buckethead, I’m a 90s addict and love Weezer, Manic Street Preachers and Muse too are a massive inspiration, Kier’s a big pop punk man and Nick loves bands like Jimmy Eat World and Black Sabbath. Big collective influences on the band though are people like David Bowie, Avenged Sevenfold, He Is Legend, Green Day and Queen.

If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Drew: Tough question, well for me I think it would have to Rivers Cuomo (the lead singer of Weezer). He’s one of my all time heroes and I think he always will be. His style of emotional, honest song writing had such an effect on me because throughout school (up to present day really) I felt so insecure and shy and couldn’t understand how some people could fit in so well. So songs like ‘In The Garage’ and ‘Across The Sea’ gave me some hope as someone could so perfectly describe how I felt and made me want to be in a band and write songs. I think I’d probably say to him ‘You are the greatest man that ever lived’ and if he responds ‘I was born to give’ I would probably vomit with happiness.

Could you sum yourselves up in 3 words?

Laurence: Weirdly geeky Superheroes.

 Where is your favourite place to play?

Drew: We’ve got a few places that we always look forward to playing and get really excited about in the run up to the gig but I think the top has got to be The Mill in Rayleigh. It’s just a brilliant venue, the first time we played there we were astounded by the size of it, and for a second thought we’d come to the wrong place! We love thrashing around on stage too so the big stage is a bonus and results in fewer casualties. But it really stands out for all of us because the first time we played there was the first time that we really clicked with an audience. It was at a time when we’d been incessantly playing in London for about a year to maybe a few of our friends and some uninspired, apathetic on-lookers which could be very demoralising then all of a sudden after the show at The Mill people were coming up asking for pictures and saying what a great show it was. It was so humbling and gave us the confidence we needed to really branch out and accept who we were. We’ll always love coming back there because of those people who still do so much to support us.

Anything you want to mention to the people who may not have heard of you?

Laurence: Leave your prejudices at the door, come along to a show and make up your mind that way, we promise we’ll give everything we have, and we’ll definitely fight for more.

Fearless Vampire Killer’s new EP ‘In Grandomina’ is now available on iTunes, so check it out there or go HERE

Skeleton Kid- Access All Areas


What would you say has been the defining moment in your career so far?
The defining moment is definitely releasing ‘It’s A Funeral…’. After line-up changes, being bullshitted by various people, 1 year of writing and hard work in the studio, it’s now time for us to take a stand and show the world who we are and what we do. Our whole career has been building up to the album and we’ve spent so long working on it and put so much of ourselves into it that it has naturally become a marker and a platform for us to push on from here.

What made you think ‘this is what I want to do’?

Ever since I was a kid and danced around to Michael Jackson songs in my bedroom, I never wanted to be anything other than a massive pop star. Growing up the only things that’s changed is the style of music. I’ve worked in various jobs for years but have never been happier than when I’m playing music. (FRANKIE) When we started out we said we were gonna do our own thing and do it our own way and we’ve stuck to it. We don’t fit in and we love it!

Have you got any interesting tour stories?
Tour vans breaking down every 15 miles, heavy drinking sessions, promoters doing a runner from the venue and trying to lumber us with paying for the gig, playing with bands who have been complete dicks, drug orgies in the tour van…

You’re about to release a new album. How does it feel to be reaching this key milestone?
Quite simply, amazing. The response has been so positive which is totally overwhelming because it’s been a long time coming. Doing it independently has been great because we’ve had total freedom writing and recording it.

What’s the best thing about Skeleton Kid?
That we don’t give a fuck! We’ve only ever wanted to be ourselves, we get mocked for how we look or sound because we don’t fit in which is great. We’d rather turn heads because we’re different than blend in and be just another unnoticed rock band.

If you could tour with any band, which would you choose?
Mötley Crüe! Mötley Crüe! Mötley Crüe! Mötley Crüe!

Are any of your songs based on personal experiences?

Haha. They say the key to writing is write what you know. So our songs are about sex and heartbreak…

If you could only have one of your songs heard by the whole world, what would it be and why?
Bones Beyond, maybe. It has so much in it, musically and emotionally. Punchy verses, sweeping, melodic choruses, breakdowns, a poppy bridge, tempo changes. It was the last song we wrote and it was completely written in the studio which is really cool. It’s also great fun to play live.

What artists are you influenced by?
Nirvana were the first rock band I ever got into. I loved how different they were to anything I’d heard before. Pantera and Dimebag are why I play guitar. Dime’s riffs and guitar sound are just mind blowing. Myles Kennedy is the reason I sing. He has the most incredible voice and hearing him just makes me want to push myself harder vocally. (FRANKIE) Influences as a band are Mötley Crüe, Avenged Sevenfold, AFI, Papa Roach, pretty much everything we have ever listened to.

Other than music, what else influences you?
People can be an incredible influence. Not necessarily public figures but family and people you see day to day. They’re the ones who support you and make you realise it’s good to push yourself and do something different. Movies can be another big influence, we have a massive love for horror movies and that definitely comes out in the goth image and some of the themes in our music, particularly the older songs.

If you could give one piece of advice to bands just starting out, what would it be?
Find what you want to do and do it! Take time to develop your sound, build your image and get a whole package that people can get hold of. We started out just getting on stage and hammering out punk songs until we realised no one really noticed us so we started working on our performance rather than just playing songs, took the time to work out our sound, especially live, splitting vocals, planning parts and stops in songs, intros etc. and developed our image into something that was us.

If you could meet anyone dead or alive, who would it be and what would you say?
I’d like to meet Freddie Mercury. He was an incredible singer, writer and performer. No idea what I’d say to him though. (FRANKIE)

If you could go back and say one thing to yourself five years ago, what would it be?
Save as much money as you can because in 5 years you’re gonna need it for touring etc. oh and get used to petrol station sandwiches.

Could you pick out a best memory you’ve had as a band?

Touring in general. It’s hard but it’s worth it and the fans we meet are amazing!
Check us out!

Fall against fate – Access All Areas


How did ‘Fall Against Fate’ begin?

Fall Against Fate began as a vision. We wanted to create music we wanted to hear and would enjoy playing. A few friends got together and started jamming cover songs and that’s how it all started, since then we have had various line up changes but we now feel we have the best line up we could possibly have.

 How long have you been together?

 This current line up of the band has been together for just over a month but altogether Fall Against Fate is just over 2 years old.

 If you could, how would you want to change the world?

 Grant everyone access to basic human rights that they should already have

 What other bands are you influenced by?

 Fall Against Fate has a wide range of influences which we try and combine together in order to portray our sound. These include bands such as August Burns Red, Architects, Structures, Volumes, Parkway Drive etc… We all listen to a wide range of music, we love acoustic bands, RnB bands, we pretty much listen to everything.

 If you could only get one song heard by the whole world, what would it be?

 Our forthcoming single would be an awesome song for the whole world to hear. We feel we have progressed a lot as band since our EP and that it is our best work to date so it would be the perfect track to show off to the world! It’s out in November.

 Apart from other bands what influences you?

 Our surrounding often influence us a band, whatever is going on around us or personal things that have happened or are happening to us often influence us to write the music that we write. We also gain influence from a lot of fiction too, it’s good to create cool stories through lyrics.

 Could you sum yourselves up in 3 words?

Energetic, Heavy, Honest

Where is your favourite place to play?

 We’ve done some crazy shows but so far our favourite place to play has to be venues in London, because it’s local to us and there are always a lot of familiar faces at the shows, they’ve had to put up with us the longest, so it’s always nice to come back to a welcoming crowd.  

 Do you get a lot of female attention?

 Some of us have girlfriend’s, but some of us do get female attention which is always pretty cool for them!

 What’s the craziest gig you’ve ever done?

 It has to be the shows we played in the summer in Barnet, London. The stage was big and the crowd was nuts, plenty of stuff to hang off of and jump off of. The crowds were pretty large and were up for a party which is always fun!

 If you could play with anyone who would it be?

 It would be a dream to play with all the bands that influence us, August Burns Red would be a huge highlight for me. But playing with any band no matter how “big” they are is always a huge honour, it’s always amazing to hear some great new music that you’ve never heard before and meet some great people along the way.

 What’s the best thing about your band?

 I’d say the best thing about our band is how we all get along. It’s nice to just be able to sit with 4 of your best friends and talk then get up on stage a few hours later. Also, we love keeping in touch with our fans which I think is a good thing!

 Are any of your songs based on personal experiences?

 I think almost every single song is about a personal event that has happened to at least one of us. The usual things such as break ups are often vented through lyrics and the aggressive side of our music.

 What’s the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

 “Turn your guitar down and hit it as hard as you can” Paul got that when recording with Ed Sokolowski (The Eyes Of A Traitor, Lecarla etc…)  

 What’s next for ‘Fall Against Fate’?

 We head into the studio on November 1st to track the debut single off of our debut full length CD, then we are shooting a music video for that. We have also just signed a lovely new management and booking deal with The Alexia Agency so we will be touring like mad men for the rest of the year and beyond! Then some time in 2012 we will be releasing our first full length album along with a few other treats. Keep in touch!

 Anything you want to mention to the people who may not have heard of you?

 Yes, head over to our pages, check us out and come and talk to us! You can catch us on good old Facebook at: www.facebook.com/fallagainstfateUK

You can also download our EP for free from our official website:www.fallagainstfate.com

 We love meeting new people who are into our music so please come and chat!

Rock Sugar – Access All Areas


How did Rock Sugar begin?

Chuck: You know what, it’s pretty funny but me and Jess our lead singer and drummer Alex were on an island, and we were there on vacation playing acoustic guitar and stuff and Jesse just said ‘wow wouldn’t it be cool if some metal band was stranded on an island with nothing but a 13 year olds CD collection and they were stranded for a long time and got brainwashed to think that pop was like, the ultimate metal?’ And really it sounds like a joke but that is how it started.

 Wow that’s pretty crazy. So your ‘Don’t Stop the Sandman’ video is kind of a reality?

Exactly. It’s a reality.

 Okay so how long have you been together?

Now, I’m gunna say a couple of years, like two years.

 Right, so would you say you’re close with the other band members then?

Yeah, I mean me and Jesse have been best friends since high school, since we were like fourteen, fifteen years old, and I’ve known Alex now for over 20 years so the three of us have been tight for a really long time and yeah we’re good friends.

 So that must make it more fun then?

You know what, it makes it a lot more fun and sometimes a little bit more difficult because you know, you know how friends are, but all in all it’s definitely a blast, I mean it’s better doing it with your friends than doing it with people you don’t like.

If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and what would you say?

Elvis Presley. What would I say? I would say Elvis, why are you the King? Who gave you the name the king? You need to share this with me right now. No, but Elvis Presley man, I think the guy was a pretty neat guy, from sharing his wealth and everything he had to treating his friends really well and just being a legend and bringing something so great to rock and roll. And after that, would be John Lennon, if I had two, it would be John Lennon. In fact if I could have a little mini conference with Elvis and John Lennon oh my god that would be so awesome, like if I was on Skype with them or something.

 Could you sum Rock Sugar up in three words?

Three words. How about three letters. ADD. Because we’ve always said Rock Sugar was music for people with ADD because every 15 seconds something new, a new song pops up, so Jesse likes to say we take a bunch of songs and we get them drunk and we throw them down your throat and it’s the peanut butter cup of rock and roll, you’ve got some metal in my pop and some pop in the metal, but ADD really describes our music really, really well.

 What’s the craziest gig you’ve ever played?

Craziest gig we’ve ever played? Well, I’ll tell you what, to this day the coolest gig’s we’ve ever done have been in the UK by the way, you guys are fricken insane out there, and you know how to party. We played at Download this year, we played at Download last year, and by far man those gigs are just crazy. If anybody ever wanted to experience what it’s like to be a rock star on a huge stage with thousands of people just digging on you and screaming and going crazy that’s it. That sums it up right there. The craziest gig we’ve ever done was probably this one show recently where the owner of the establishment got drunk and decided to get mad at us afterwards because I don’t know why, and everybody was just saying ‘ah man that’s the alcohol talking’ and stuff so but other than that every gig we’ve ever done has just been really, really cool.

If you could, how would you want to change the world in like, one way?

More rock and roll. I would get rid of some other kinds of music and replace it with rock and roll. The other thing I would do is I would make it that every time somebody listened to a song, that peace would just spread all over the place man, because I’ll tell you what, we need that right now.

 Definitely. If you could only get one of your songs heard by the whole world, which would it be?

How about ‘Don’t Stop the Sandman’?

Why that song?

I think it makes people happy. People listen to that and they laugh, and they have a good time, and it brings back good memories, and so many people forget about good times, and good memories, so I think that’s a perfect song to get everybody into good, positive thinking.

 So earlier this week we heard that Johnny (bassist) has decided to leave the band. How will this affect your plans for the future?

Well, like everything, bands always go through certain members and stuff like that, we’re still all friends, and we just finished our tour for the summer so we have a long break here, and Johnny has his original band, ‘Still Standing’, which is a great band, and he decided that he was going to take all of his efforts and focus on ‘Still Standing’, which is his real passion. He never left Still Standing while he was in Rock Sugar, but I think now he’s going to focus his attention to that and I think it’s a great idea, and we wish him lots of luck and the best. As far as affecting what Rock Sugar does, we’ve been getting tonnes of enquiries like ‘Hey’ from bassists all over the place and when the time is right we’ll audition some new guys and find the new bass player.

 So it’s far from the end for Rock Sugar?

Yeah, exactly.

We saw you at Download (2011) and you were probably our best band of the weekend.

Right on. Thank you for saying that. I appreciate it, that’s really cool.

 It’s difficult to find real fun in rock music nowadays.

Exactly, that’s what I’m talking about… We don’t go out there and say ‘hey look at us, we’re so cool’ we’re just like everybody else; we just want to play music that makes people fun and we want to include people. Like we always tell people that coming to a Rock Sugar show is kind of like being in the band, because you get to have fun with the band not just watch the band have fun. It’s the only time that you can get a metal guy and look out into the audience and see this metal dude with long hair whose like ‘yeah man, I’m a rocker!’ singing Madonna. It’s awesome!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Try everything once, and twice to be sure, because it’s the only way… it’s another way of saying, live on the edge, live every day like todays your last day, live with passion and be passionate about everything you do, and I’ve always heard those things, and I’ve always tried to live my life, and I know that Jess has always lived his life like that, and if you meet us an you talk to us, it’s not because we’re on speed or any drug or anything like that it’s just because we’re enthused about the moment and we just live every day like it’s the last.

 Is there anything you might want to mention to people that haven’t heard of you?

Absolutely. If anybody is out there who hasn’t heard of Rock Sugar I first encourage them, highly encourage them, to stop by our Facebook atwww.facebook.com/rocksugarband, come check out our website at http://www.rocksugarband.com , go to YouTube and just YouTube Rock Sugar and listen to all the stuff and watch all the stuff and come visit us on Facebook as a friend not a fan, and our Facebook is so alive, we’re almost at 30,000 people and we’re constantly giving stuff away every single week, we care about everybody so much, and I just encourage everybody to you know, come on-board and let’s be friends.

Is there any chance of a UK tour?

You know what, we would love a UK tour, the only thing I can say is that we might be doing a big show next year out there somewhere, I’m not allowed to say anything yet, and if we do, we might surround that gig with a mini little UK tour thing, but I’m not 100%, we’ve got our fingers crossed though.


So just keep your eyes on the Facebook for more details then?

Exactly. That would be the best place to be.

As You’re Falling – Access All Areas


How did you start?

Connor: Basically, I joined this band with this guy, and I met Kieran and Ben in that band, and we left the band and all joined together with Kelvin and Joe, because they were my friends at school.

Kelvin: What happened was Connor, Kieran and Ben were in this band called ‘Behind These Lies’ and they left that band, and me and Joe were in a band called Aspersion and then we left that and we kind of formed together because… yeah we just did.

 Why did you start?

Kieran: Well we all had similar tastes in music and then we realised the difference…

Kelvin: I just wanted girls…

Connor: I wanted to smoke weed… (laughs)

Joe: Don’t say that…

Connor: My bad…

 How would you classify yourselves?

Connor: Metalcore.

Ben: Epic.

 Where do you want to be in 10 years?

Kieran: Sonisphere.

Connor: I think we all want to be signed, and to get somewhere.

 Do you get a lot of female attention?


Kieran: Yeah I got my girlfriend coz of this.

Ben: Just put yes.

Joe: I’m straight edge.

Kieran: You’re straight?

 Who are you influenced by?

Connor: Asking Alexandria.

Kieran: Two door Cinema Club

Ben: It’s three doors down anyway…

Connor: What is?

Kieran: The Two Door Cinema Club.

 Why do you think people should listen to you?

Connor: Because we’re better than (name removed)

Ben: They’re on the site as well…

Kieran: Why should people listen to us… because we’re good and we have meaningful lyrics.

Kelvin: We’re different, it’s different from the stuff that you usually hear at like, Bowes and we just want to stick out a bit.

Who would you say is the ‘black sheep’ of the band?


Kelvin: Nah, Connor, not me.

Kieran: Connor’s the emo.

Connor: I’m not an emo… Look at Ben, listen to his voice.

Kelvin: Well, black sheep, what the hell do you mean by black sheep?

Ben: Who is the blackest out of the band… you!

Kelvin: I think Connor coz he’s a scene kid, that’s it.

Connor: That means I still love my parents.

 How do you balance school and band?

Kieran: I don’t.

Ben: Set fire to it.

Kelvin: Probably from having like a set schedule like every Tuesday and Friday that way we can fit in with the rest of our days.

 Do you have any interesting stories?

Connor: There was a time, when we had an original guitarist, and his name was Peter Choowong, and he never turned up to practice, and we all lost faith in music for a bit.

Kieran: And was restored when he was replaced with me!

Connor: No.

Kieran: Yes.

Kelvin: No.

Kieran: Yes, that’s it.

 How often do you practice?

Connor: Two times a week.

Kelvin: But during the holidays like this we’re trying to do more.

Kieran: It hasn’t really worked out.

 Who is the favourite in the band?

Kelvin: Ben. I like Ben most.

Kieran: Kelvin’s the favourite man, look at him.

Who do you like most in the band though?

Kieran: Who do I like most in this band?

Kelvin: I would say Ben.

Kieran: Me.

Connor: Joe’s pretty cool.

Kelvin: I think Ben’s the favourite.

Kieran: I’m the loser of the band.

 Is it an aspiration of yours to go mainstream?

Kieran: Yeah I would. I wouldn’t want to sell out to do it, but…

Connor: Basically in the future we want to do gigs with All Against Nothing.

Kelvin: I wouldn’t mind going mainstream, just doing a little bit of pop.

 Do you have any plans for an EP?

Connor: Yeah hopefully sometime within the next month. We’re just messing about with stuff upstairs.

Kelvin: That doesn’t sound right! (Laughter)


Times Like These – Access All Areas


How did ‘Times like These’ start?

Lewis (Drummer) and Liam (Bassist) were in a band previously which had split up. We were both attending Music College and got together with Harley (Lead Guitar). Through a friend, Joe (Screamo Vocals) then joined and finally Shaun (Vocals and Guitar) who is a good friend of Harley’s joined to complete the band.

 How long have you been together?

Just over 16 months.

 What made you think ‘this is what I want to do’?

We all love the buzz of being on Stage and performing and love the music we currently play. All in all we’re just show offs!!!

 Can you sum up what ‘Times like These’ is about in three words?


 If you could convey one message to your fans, what would it be?

Cheers for all our fans, friends and families for supporting us. It makes it a lot of fun to be in Times Like These.

 What artist has inspired you most and why?

We all have individual influences which comes together really well and is shown in the music that we create and perform. Joe’s is Fall Out Boy, Shaun’s is Day to Remember, Lewis’s is Avenged Sevenfold, Harley’s is Bullet for my Valentine and Liam’s is Blink 182.

 Musically, what is your proudest achievement?

It hasn’t happened yet. We are looking forward to Headlining shows.

 What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Joe – Dance Like a Mother Fucker!!!

Could you pick out a best memory you’ve had as a band?

That’s easy, definitely when we played at our towns local Festival Music on the Moor. It gave us a real buzz afterwards.

 Other than music, where do you draw your inspiration from?

Look at the world we live in. If that’s not inspiration to write music and songs what is. Hence our band name being Times Like These.

 If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would you choose and why?

Joe – I would want to meet George Pettit and ask him how he wrote Dogs Blood. Shaun – Mine would be Jesus as I AM his 13th disciple! Liam – It’s got to be Jim Carey, just to make me laugh. Lewis – Mine would have to be The Rev (drummer of Avenged Sevenfold), he has been a huge influence on my drumming. Harley – Kurt Cobain, just because ….

 If you could, what one way would you change the world?

Beer would be free of charge and served by Naked ladies – but good looking one’s of course!

 If you could tour with one band, who would it be and why?

Joe – I would want to tour with Deaf Havana as they have already done what we are trying to achieve. Liam – Yeah, I would go with Joe’s answer. Harley – Bloodhound Gang as they know have to have a good time. Shaun – I would want to tour with Alexis on Fire as they are just musical Geniuses. Lewis – my choice would have to be Bring Me The Horizon as their stage shows are always phenomenal.

 Are any of your songs based on personal experiences?

Yes most of them are and it always ends up being sexual.

 Why should people listen to ‘Times like These’?

Because we make original, decent music and have fun doing it. If you come to one of our gigs, be prepared to join in with the Mosh pitting and getting very very sweaty!!!

Deathbed reunion – Access All Areas


How did ‘Deathbed Reunion’ start?

We were four guys with each our instrument, and one of us even had a place where we could rehearse, so we just found it natural to start playing some real shit. ARGH!

 What made you think ‘this is what I want to do’?

We all got kicked out from the soccer team, so we just needed a new hobby.

 Can you sum up what ‘Deathbed Reunion’ is about in three words?

Rock, roll and punk

 If you could convey one message to your fans, what would it be?

Don’t skip soccer practice!

 What artist has inspired you most and why?

Lower Than Atlantis, definitely. Because their music and visuals take the punk/hardcore genre to a whole other level.

 Musically, what is your proudest achievement?

We think our newest material is the best we’ve written, but we are all very proud of the song “part IV: The Serious Part” from our ep.

 What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

A drunken friend of us once said: “Just go on! Play gigs and make songs. Yes, go on!” We thought it sounded kind of stupid back then, but now we know better…

 Could you pick out a best memory you’ve had as a band?

At band practice once, our Polish neighbours came crashing in and dared us to play AC DC. We did, and we’ve been mates since then.

 Other than music, where do you draw your inspiration from?

Harry potter, lfc, lord of the rings, cyberspace, travelling, travelling in cyberspace, long island ice tea, rooney, Lily, Emma, fjords and mountains and shit.

 If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would you choose and why?

Hugh Grant because of his style.

 If you could, what one way would you change the world?

We would make Deathbed Reunion the only legal band in this world (not in cyberspace).

 Why should people listen to ‘Deathbed Reunion’?

Because it’s the only legal band.

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Shoot The Director – Access All Areas


How did ‘Shoot the Director’ begin?

 Jamie: James (lead vocals) started off in a band called ‘The Recruits’ doing pop covers in 2006. He got me (guitar) and later Matt (Drums) involved when we decided in the back of a school choir rehearsal (rock n’ roll right?) that we actually wanted to write our own songs that involved the use of an overdrive button. It kind of went from there – we’ll see what happens.

 How long have you been together?

James: Our first gig was in November 2008 at Bowes Lyon to about 20 people. The crowds have grown a bit since then and we’ve been doing more serious gigging for the past couple of years. We’ve probably played together in some sense for a bit longer than that but never in a formal kind of way – more just to kill some free time!

 If you could, how would you want to change the world?

Jamie: I think more people should drink Irn Bru, it’s better than coke and usually cheaper. I guess the ultimate goal would be to stop conflicts, disease and terrorism but we know our limits! I’d just like it if people can listen to one or two of our tunes and relate to it in some way, maybe it could help them through a tough time or something. It’d be nice to know that a song we’ve created could do that.

 What other bands are you influenced by?

James: Lots of ABBA. And Queen. And more ABBA. The other guys are into jazz and metal (Charlie Parker and Tool!), bands like Muse and Radiohead are mutual likes of ours We hope this eclectic mix shines through in the songs. Or that’s what we’d like to think anyway.

Could you sum yourselves up in 3 words?

Jamie: Not really, no.

James: Playstation, pessimisim, pints.

 Where is your favourite place to play?

Jamie: We did a really cool gig in the Monto Water Rats in Camden. It was a really mixed crowd and pretty cool knowing that Bob Dylan had played on the same stage, albeit 40-odd years ago. In a nerdier way, the drums sound awesome there aswell!

James: The Arts Centre above the Three Magnets in Letchworth was my favourite place to play. I remember doing my first solo gig with a guitar there when I was 14, coming back 3 years later with the band was a nostalgia trip and a half.

 Do you get a lot of female attention?

James: You could say that.

Jamie: I couldn’t.

 What’s the craziest gig you’ve ever done?

James: We played a ‘dry’ gig at a youth centre which was pretty crazy. Firstly, we thought nobody would turn up, I remember going into McDonald’s with the guys writing a last minute setlist full of B-side type tracks and half-rehearsed covers and then returning to the venue and hearing a massive crowd of people waiting to get in. As we walked past the surprisingly large queue we noticed people getting frisked for alcohol by staff. It turned out that half the crowd were sniffing illegal substances in the toilets of the venue regardless. Let’s just say Jamie had an enthusiastic little mosh pit in front of him…

 If you could play with anyone who would it be?

James: Hayley Williams. Nuff said.

Jamie: I don’t know to be honest, the list is endless. In terms of guitarists, it’d be amazing to play with Jimmy Page from Led Zep or Muse’s Matt Bellamy but I couldn’t pass up the chance to play with some Jazz greats like Charlie Parker or Miles Davis. It seems odd, but I reckon we could make it work – they were pretty open minded guys! I suppose people like Mozart or Beethoven did a lot for music but I don’t like their haircuts.

If you could only get one song heard by the whole world, what would it be?

Jamie: There’s this new song called ‘Beautiful Broken’ that is really fun to play. It’s essentially this really big rock tune with a huge riff, but at the same time quite touching lyrics. It’s about how, even when people are in the lowest or most vulnerable state, they are still themselves – and should hold on to that. We haven’t recorded it yet but it kind of sums us up I suppose – rocky and fun, but hopefully with a sentiment that people can grab on to. We live in hope eh?

 Apart from other bands what influences you?

Jamie: It sounds pretentious, but I like to take the things that people see as normal and attempt to turn them into the poetic or creative, even if it’s just a tune about two drunk people doing things they may regret the following morning.

James: Alcohol.

 If you could meet anyone dead or alive, who would it be and what would you say to them?

Jamie: I’d like to meet JFK and tell him to duck.

James: I feel as if I should talk about someone really famous or historically significant, but truth is I don’t really believe in idolising individuals…however I would relish the oppurtunity to meet some current high-flying bankers. Words wouldn’t necessarily be exchanged.

What’s the best thing about your band?

James: It’s subjective, come to a gig and you can judge for yourselves! Honestly though, I think our best thing is the vocal harmony which I feel is lacking from a lot of groups of our age and style. It’s a fantastic stimulus to  gel as a group of performers – as pretentious as that sounds.

 Are any of your songs based on personal experiences?

Jamie: Quite a lot of them in some way or other. I tend to do the lyrics and find it hard to make words sound genuine if I’m not drawing them from a personal experience or somebody that I know. Often the final track is quite far removed from what inspired it in the first place but, when we play it,the link is still there in the back of my head. I’ve written a few songs that are very specifically about certain individuals and it’s quite a good way of venting stuff you may normally keep locked up inside, but in a way that other people can enjoy.

 What’s the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Jamie: Some drunk guy said something to me about balls once but I can’t quite recall what it was. Maybe it wasn’t too valuable after all…

 Anything you want to mention to the people who may not have heard of you?

James: We do realise that our name abbreviates badly.

Jamie: Come along to a gig and check out what we do – then make up your mind. I have a pedal that sounds like an octupus, if that isn’t worth a gig ticket then I don’t know what is!


If you like Shoot the Director or want to here more from them, you can visit them on Soundcloud, or go HERE.

Suffer No Fools- access all areas


You’re all from different places, right? How did you meet?

 Alex: It was when most of us were at The London College of Music (LCM). In the beginning it was just Jack and me, we had been in a band together with Jamie before, doing a couple of Jack’s songs and a couple of Maiden/Sabbath covers. So when I said to Jack about getting another guitarist on board, having Jamie join us made total sense.

Then we turned our attention to getting a drummer to join us, we had a list of people who we knew were good and would fit our style but nothing seemed to work out. Jamie told us that he knew another guy at LCM who was a great drummer, and that’s when we asked Mike to try out. From the first session we could tell that he was the right guy for the job.

Then of course we had to search for a vocalist. This was something I had been doing since our inception, trying to find a vocalist with the right style proved incredibly hard. We wanted someone who had an edge to his or her voice, a certain grittiness, but who could also actually sing. Eventually we got in contact with Ali online, we knew he didn’t live far from Ealing so we just got him to learn a couple of the songs and went straight into a practice room. You could tell by the smiles on everyone’s faces after the first song, that we had found the perfect addition to the band.

 Ali: Yes, I am from West London. Alex replied to an ad I’d posted online. He then eventually introduced me to the rest of the band.

 Jamie: I’m from Gloucester originally, but I go to university in Ealing. Jack and I lived opposite each other in halls. I remember commenting on his Dream Theatre t-shirt, we got talking and ended up jamming. It was Jack who introduced me to Alex. I met Mike when we both played in the backing band for a friend of ours, and I suggested that he try out for Suffer No Fools.

 Mike: I live in Wokingham near Reading when I am not at university. I decided to try and make a name for myself at university by playing with as many musicians as possible and this is how I would come to meet Jamie. Jamie and I both ended up helping the same band and we found out we both like metal. Shortly before Christmas, Jamie told me about the band and asked if I wanted to try out, which I eagerly did.


What made you think ‘this is what I want to do with my life?

 Alex: For me, I didn’t really get into music until I was about fourteen, nothing really seemed to grip me, and I hated most of the music that my friends listened to at school. It wasn’t until I first heard bands like Rammstein and KoRn that I knew music would take over my life in one form or another.

Ali: Its not like there’s something that made me take this path, music is something I’ve been very close to from the beginning.

 Jamie: Well I’ve always thought ‘find something you love doing and get paid for it’. From a very young age I’ve been interested in music, especially rock and metal. What really made me decide was when I watched a ‘House Music’ competition at my secondary school. There was a band that played a cover of ‘Ghostbusters’. I must have been 11 or 12 at the time, but it really made me want to start learning an instrument.

 Mike: I suppose purely the love of music or more specifically rock and metal. I’m always listening to music, talking about music and I have been playing music since I picked up the violin at 8 years of age. After watching my first ever gig years and years ago, I decided that I wanted to do the same.

If you could tour with any band, current or past, who would you pick and why?

Alex: I am kind of torn here, on the one hand I think it would be amazing to tour with a band like Metallica who are just so huge, and are living legends, to learn from the masters would be an experience like no other. On the flip side, Metallica audiences can be pretty unforgiving; I remember seeing them at Wembley Stadium back in 2007, and they had HIM supporting them, needless to say they were brutally booed and pelted with bottles, not for the faint of heart.

I imagine touring with Killswitch Engage would be insane, I can only imagine the kind of crazy shit that Adam D gets up to. Plus, I think our sounds would work pretty well together so we might survive a little bit longer playing before them.

 Ali: Megadeth cuz they are fukin legends. I’d like to learn a thing or two from them.

 Jamie: I’d love to tour with Motley Crue back in their hey-day. From what I’ve heard, their tours sound mental!

 Mike: Probably Slipknot. They are the band that really introduced me to heavy metal and I know I would not be playing drums if they hadn’t inspired me to. I would love to share a stage with them.


If you could sit down to dinner with one person, who would you choose and why?

 Alex: Bruce Campbell. Without a doubt. The man is a legend, the Evil Dead trilogy is one of my favourite film series of all time and I bet Bruce would have tons of stories to tell, plus have you seen how suave he is? That man can rock a smoking jacket.

 Jamie: The late writer Christopher Hitchens. I really enjoy watching his debates, and reading his articles on often controversial topics.

 Mike: I’d say Corey Taylor because he seems like an honest, down to earth yet really cool and funny guy.


What artists are you influenced by?

 Alex: Rammstein has always influenced me massively. I know that some people see that as kind of a weird choice, but let me explain. Their riffs are huge, their music grooves, you can headbang, you can dance, their choruses are huge, they just have an epic, massive sound, which I love. I can’t understand half of what they sing about, I know some rough translations, but to me it is more than just the words, I get really into the feeling that the sounds make you feel, the mood of the song as opposed to the meaning. The sound is just as, if not more important than the lyrics to me.

I think the simplicity of their music is something that always appealed to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love listening to more technical bands like Dream Theater but it’s nice to strip it back now and then, I think AC/DC are the prime example of less is more, keeping it simple is my mantra.

Richard Kruspe, guitarist for Rammstein, also has a great guitar sound, I’ve watched videos of Richard in his own studio and you can tell this is a guy who knows his stuff, plus that microphone-robot control thing he has is just awesome. Metallica have always been of particular importance to me also, I have seen them about nine times live and they never fail to put on a good show. I know they’ve had their ups and downs but they are a band I will always respect for their music. They literally changed the face of heavy music, and there are not many bands who can claim to have done that. Without Metallica you wouldn’t have the majority of modern metal bands, you wouldn’t have Suffer No Fools.

 Ali: Marty Friedman, Dave Mustaine, Till Lindeman, Gerard Way, Matt Shadows, Steven Tyler, James Hetfield, Syn Gates, Jimmy the Rev.

 Jamie: My biggest influences are AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Saxon, Metallica, as well as Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert & Buckethead.

 Mike: Slipknot, as mentioned before and all your usual suspects: Iron Maiden, Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, Led Zeppelin, Motorhead.

What’s the best thing about Suffer No Fools?

 Alex: I love being able to just share these creations, our songs, with anyone who will listen. I have never wrote music or lyrics that I thought would impress someone, or cater to a certain audience, I always wrote the sort of stuff that I would be stoked to hear myself. I know that our music isn’t to everyone’s taste, some might say we are to soft for metal, others might say we are too heavy for rock, but it’s the kind of stuff I like to listen to. If there is anyone out there that likes the same kind of shit as me, then that’s awesome that I get to share that with them.

 Ali: The band’s passion for Music and the eagerness to make a big impact on the music industry.

 Jamie: The best thing is playing music I love with excellent musicians. The music is exactly the type of music I listen to, which makes me more enthusiastic. I’ve played, and still do play, in other bands where I am just a backing artist, but in Suffer No Fools, I feel equally important in the band.

 Mike: Getting to play music that I love and think sounds awesome. The music we play is music I would actually listen to and that makes it feel so much more amazing. I have been in several bands and while they weren’t bad and the musicians I played with were really talented guys, none of them really wanted anything to do with heavy metal and I would end up playing styles that I didn’t care for. I really get to play to my strengths in this band.


If you could have one of your songs heard by the whole world, which would it be and why?

 Alex: I think it would probably be Prey, just because it has a great spectrum of what we are all about. It has the heavy guitars, fast double kick drums, massive choruses, and blistering solos. It represents a great, small view into the music that we do, and would also be a great introduction for anyone to get to know the music of Suffer No Fools.

 Ali: Abyss, it’s got a nice melody.

 Jamie: I think I’d have to choose ‘Prey’. Its got a great riff, fast-paced, and it’s got a melodic chorus. I think it works really well as the closing song in our set as well.

 Mike: Picking one is difficult. Either ‘Bombing Campaign’ or ‘Into The Breach’. Bombing Campaign is great because it is a great opener and it’s our typical sound. Into The Breach is also great because it just hits you in the face, it’s balls to the wall metal. So it’s too hard to pick just one. Can I pick two? Fuck it I pick two.

Other than music, what else influences you?

 Alex: It can be nearly anything, sometimes you can just hear a sound, a particular rhythm and think ‘hmm that might make for the basics of a good guitar riff’. Other times it’s the culmination of influences and the way you can mesh different approaches together. Lyrically, it can also be nearly anything, life experiences, books, films, games, philosophies, the news, the list is endless, if it interests me it will probably make its way into a song in some form.

 Jamie: Beer

 Mike: Monster Energy drink. My mind can’t work without it.


What made you decide to play your specific instruments?

 Alex: Well, at first I started to learn the guitar, my brother taught me the basics: how to strum, how to hold a plectrum, how to get your basic chord, and I just kind of went from there. After that I was pretty much self-taught, I have never had an instrument lesson in my life. I used to use tabs when I first started learning but I quickly learnt how to learn by ear. Anyway, this was all when I was about thirteen or fourteen or so, I was in a band with some school friends and I was actually on keyboard. Eventually I figured out that its pretty hard to get into the music when you’re stuck behind your instrument and can’t move. We had kicked our bass player out because he wasn’t that great, so there was an open position, I stepped in, since I already knew the basics of guitar, and the rest is history. Since then I have been swapping between playing bass and guitar, finally settling on playing bass in Suffer No Fools.

 Jamie: The reason I picked up the guitar was a direct result of hearing Eddie Van-Halen’s ‘Eruption’. It was unlike anything I’d ever heard, I think my face melted after hearing it, it was that good. From then on I decided I wanted to become that good at an instrument. And I’m still trying.

 Mike: When I first listened to metal I thought ‘The drums are so powerful! This is like being punched in the face and then thrown against a wall!’ For me the drums really brought out the aggression in heavy metal and that’s what I love about metal, the aggression.


Anything you want to say to those who haven’t heard of you yet?

 Alex: If you like heavy music, big choruses, fast songs, insane solos, and a singer who can actually sing, come check out our music. There is no one who is doing quite what we are doing.

 Ali: You’re missing out on the next big thing.

 Mike: We’re coming for you, you better be ready.


Suffer No Fools are on Facebook, or purchase their EP at Bandcamp.

Sworn to oath- Access all areas


So, when did ‘Sworn to Oath’ start?

Spring, 2009

 What made you think ‘this is what I want to do’?

No idea in all honesty, hard to pinpoint one thing! It’s just always been what we’ve always wanted to do!

 Can you sum up what ‘Sworn to Oath’ are about in three words?


 What genres/artists have inspired you?

We were all brought up on classic rock and blues which we hope still comes across although, we’re a lot heavier. Bands like AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Guns n Roses and Thin Lizzy turned into bands like Pantera, Every Time I Die, As I Lay Dying and Lamb of God as we got older. Although individually we still vibe off other stuff.


If you could convey one message to your fans, what would it be?

Have a good time, all the time.

 Musically, what is your proudest achievement?

Probably our upcoming EP release ‘Leave You For Dead’, we’ve worked really hard on it and also had some great advice and pointers along the way from our friend Renny from Forever Never. He does some guest vocals on the single ‘Last Call’ so spent a couple of days hanging out with us, recording and filming the video etc. That said we love all our stuff and are proud of/stand behind all of it – we’re still getting fresh radio play on the ‘Don’t Fuck About’ EP in some parts of mainland and Eastern Europe at the moment even though we’ve moved on to promoting ‘Last Call’ and now the upcoming EP overall since then, purely because we have people on the team now we didn’t at the time of release and they’ve still pushed those older songs and they’re still being well received alongside the newer S2O output.

 What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Keep it simple!

Where’s your favourite place to play?

So far, Birmingham Academy 2 was the best. We supported Periphery and stepped out to a packed house!

Could you pick out a best memory you’ve had as a band?

Too early/hard to say yet. We had a blast on tour with Forever Never last year but also have had great shows at Stoke Sugarmill our home town venue both headlining and supporting people, cool one off shows with bands like Acey Slade, Meshuggah, Hatebreed, we did a short 3 date of the NL last year which was wicked, but it’ll probably be when we start to land some festival slots over time or a really big support tour, or when we next hit Europe that we have a real ‘stand out’ moment.

 Other than music, where do you draw your inspiration from?

Strongbow, life experiences, girls, hangovers.

 If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would you choose and why?

Tom – Phil Lynott

Dave – Dimebag

Al – Megan Fox

 We really dig your new single ‘Last Call’, what else have you been working on since?

We have a new EP ‘Leave You For Dead’ coming out Nov 7th then we’ll be playing a lot of shows around the UK in November and December and then we start work on a debut album whilst planning more touring for 2012.

 If you could, what one way would you change the world?

Way too heavy for us sorry! Just make everyone stop fucking about we guess!

 What’s the BEST thing about ‘Sworn to Oath?’

Our van, ‘Van Halen the Second’. Its a royal trooper and we love her to bits!

 Why should people listen to ‘Sworn to Oath’?

We like to party!


You can check out Sworn to Oath on Facebook, Twitter, and at their Official Store.